My Sighthounds ... and Me

Achievements 2014-2016

MCh Daoud-Osjan Al Firdous (*12. Mai 2008)


  • Saluki Annual Exhibition in Gelsenkirchen with an “Excellent” result
  • Participation in 5 International Coursing – often ranking in the top third part, so that Daoud reached 30 points by 4 evaluated coursings and achieved the 11th place of 27 evaluated males


  • First place at the International Coursing in Ostercappeln
  • Homologation of all CACIL and ResCACIL by the FCI for the title “Champion International de Course” (International Racing Champion)
  • Participation in 4 coursings that came all into the evaluation of the CRL (Coursing Ranking List). Daoud achieved the 12th place from 23 evaluated males


  • Receipt of the document by the FCI with nomination as a “Champion International de Course” (International Racing Champion)


Achievements 2010 - 2013


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