My Sighthounds ... and Me



Photo: R. Schwab

With my Saluki-dog “Gorazan al-safi” I successfully took part at exhibitions and racings in the sense of the breeding-goal “beauty and performance”. With both activities we a lot of pleasure some time. We became acquainted with a great deal of people, which are now among our friends.

We were present on small and large exhibitions, which were in halls and outside on the grass. My Saluki got several best evaluations and became the suitability for breeding. Having known to possess an “excellently” beautiful dog made me pleased of course. But many more important it is to have a healthy dog. Therefore I do hope that my Saluki will have a long and healthy life.


Gorazan al-safi - winner of the “Great Price of Weser-Ems 2000” - Photo: R. Schwab

Gorazan got his running-license very fast, but when he was nearly three years old. Birgit and Heinz Moritz assisted me with good advice and act competently to my side. So I am very grateful to them and thank them again.

Gorazan made soon a good name himself in the racing scene and could get within a short time various titles in racing as well as successful in placements register.

1999 he became with a large distance in a full field the winner of:
The National Group of North-Rhineland-Westphalia. In addition two photos:

Photo: St. Kopriva

Photo: St. Kopriva


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