My Sighthounds ... and Me


These stories are all true. I experienced them with my own sighthounds. Consequently they are authentic and show, how significant is the bond between dogs and humans. My dogs were dear companions to me. This can be seen here, therefore I could not imagine a life without a dog. It makes much more fun!

Here are some stories introducing the Manuscript “Goran – a Saluki-youngster is growing up ”

  • Winter and snow in the Sauerland
  • Ketchie and the first snow
  • Cuddly toys – oh, I like to eat!
  • Uncle Bernie comes to visit us
  • A goose chest as a reward
  • A green Saluki
  • Finally vacation! Finally at the sea!
  • All these stories you will find in my Book „a Life with Sighthounds - and other animals“.

NEW: Picture Story „a Sighthound got wings


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