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The “al-safi” Type or the “Family-Similarity”

A goal of the breed-community has been until today - apart from beauty and performance - to breed an unmistakable “type of family”.

Gorazan al-safi at the age of 10 months

When I appeared with my Gorazan to courses or to shows first, I often heard the comment: “That must be an “al-safi” Saluki!” As it is recognized in this photo the family-type of the dogs has been preserved until today. It is really to be seen from a far distance that it is a “al-safi” Saluki. Particularly I like the typical expression on their faces, by which they resemble each other as coming from one family.

The right photo shows the young dog “Jawar al-safi” in the age of 11 months on the Saluki Annual Exhibition 2003. On the left is “Tita's Mamnouna Mumtachir ar-rih” LU (1978-1990) to be seen, dam of the famous D-litter in the “al-safi” kennel.

Comparing these photos it proves, how both Salukis resemble each other in a moderate type. My Saluki-dog “Gorazan al-safi” has also like “Jawar” a grandmother from the D-litter. Both offspring goes back on the same great-grandmother. That is the here illustrated Bitch “Tita's Mamnouna Mumtachir ar-rih” LU.

She was a special Saluki bitch “and a great runner ”, the authors write in an article, which was published in the DWZRV Magazine “Unsere Windundhunde”, 1990, edition 11, pages 3-7. This article had the heading as a question: “Will be the Mumtachir ar-rih-Saluki-type a dying out one?” (see Brandt/Failer/Renfordt))

The question is clearly answered with these two photos.

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