My Sighthounds ... and Me


In the Pedigree of the Whippet “Enno v. Salhof Reida” names of wellknown German and Dutch Whippet-Lines are to be found. This fact proves that the breed goal “Beauty and Performance” plays an important role in this Kennel. The Champion and Federal Winner “Karsten of Schlesierland” occurs in the third generation of both parents-lines. For this reason the E-Litter is genetically seen a back-breeding on the Dog “ Karsten of Schlesierland” in this Kennel. This dog brought running dogs in high performance (e.g. Carmencita and the famous K-Litter of “Felicity's Home”).

Xatros of Felicity's Home

Mr. Drake received “Xatros OF Felicity's Home”, son from “Carmencita OF Felicity's Home” after “Aguas of Benfica” from the Dutch Breeder, Mr. Sweelsen.

Ucky of Felicity's Home

Ucky was the Daughter of “Diana van Us Honk” after “Kidney OF Felicitiy's Home”. Uckys had been bred in a similar way as Xatros, therefore the breeder could really hope by this mating for puppies, which could show high Performance on the Course.

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