My Sighthounds ... and Me

Exhibition and Racing

My Whippet came from a well-known running line. For this reason I wanted to let him also run over a race-course, in order to know, how quickly he actually was. Therefore I drove close to a convenient track near a city of my neighbouring home. But soon already it turned out that the realization of my project was not so simple as I thought. When introducing myself as a “bloody beginner”, I had been sent home with unfinished things! My dog needed the racing-blankets and muzzles for a training first. After I had procured these implements all, also that was not simple to manage at all, I took a new approach and drove again to the course. This time my Whippet should run alone…

As I finally decided to give up Ricky's course career, although he was a very fast runner. The surrounding meadows and sports fields as well as our domestic garden with a large lawn should be sufficient for my sighthound in the future.

Ricky with three years

“Exhibitions are completely different; because they are not dangerous for dogs!”, I thought. For this reason they made much more fun for both of us. Also the exhibitors were quite friendly to me “Greenhorn” first. Thus I regarded exhibitions as beautiful leisure activities, for which I was ready to cut off from my budget some money of a meagre young-teacher-salary. But soon I had already to experience that the friendliness of some people was dependent on the evaluation of my dog.

Here is an example of one evaluation: “48.5 cm 21 months old, colour: beige, black mask, beautiful eye, very beautiful position, total anatomy very excellently, movement particularly charmingly.” Value note: V1-RCAC

My joy about this result had been great, because Ricky even issued the Reserve-CAC on a big CACIB Exhibition. But it is difficult for a single Dog Owner to remain in the exhibition-activities a longer time, because dogs become much too fast old. To issue in addition, shows are a real fun, because the exhibitor meets many people and learns to know many of kindred spirit. Therefore I again and again gladly visit exhibitions till today.

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