My Sighthounds ... and Me

The Whippet Kennel “of Salhof Reida”

In this Kennel “of Salhof Reida” Hartmut and Helene Drake bred Whippets from 1967 to 1974. Mr. H. Drake became acquainted with the Dutch Whippet and Greyhound breeder, Mr. Sweelsen (Senior), and was impressed of his knowledge as well as of his breeding plant. 1970 he took over several dogs from this Kennel.

The Whippet Kennel “of Salhof Reida” could register relatively a fast success, because carefully bred Whippets, which came originally from different blood lines, had been used in it. This Whippets carried out the desired Breeding Goal “Beauty and Performance” in particular. Because of professional reasons Mr. and Mrs. Drake gave up their breeding activities in 1974, unfortunately. 1971 the Kennel “of Salhof Reida” opened for me the “entrance” and the possibility to have some wonderful leisure activities, that I still follow happily up to now. So I am grateful to these kind Breeders who sold at that time the Whippet-Puppy “Enno of Salhof Reida”. I will keep the Breeders, Mr. and Mrs. Drake, in my mind. They were engaged in racing as well as in the show. They took care for their entrusted dogs in high responsibility. However, from my documents I can find out that I already took up contacts with Mr. Hartmut Drake in 1969, in order to be already informed in time about his breeding projects for the next years. Mr. Drake wrote back very friendly and introduced his breeding programme to me, also that he had got a pregnant Whippet-Bitch of the Breeder Sweelsen from the Netherlands (Kennel: “Felicity's Home” had been taken over meanwhile). With this Bitch the kennel “of Salhof Reida” put the old German Lines (of Schlesierland) as well as the Dutch Running Lines (US Honk and Felicity's Home) together. The legendary Whippet-Bitch “Carmencita OF Felicity's Home”, with which Mr. Sweelsen registered enormous victories (Holl. R-S 65, DerbySg 65, LRS Hamburg 70), 1969 came pregnant to the German Whippet Kennel “of Salhof Reida”. Likewise two further Whippets from Holland changed their residence to the Rhine. These were Xatros, a son from “Carmencita OF Felicity's Home” after “Aguas of Benfica” and “Ucky”, a daughter from “Diana v. US Honk” after “Kidney OF Felicity's Home”. Both dogs had to offer an enormous genetic achievement potential. I must admit that the colour of my Whippets appeared to me very important at that time. Therefore Mr. Drake could offer me the colour, which I was looking for. I had seen an advertisement for stockings, on that I had discovered my Dream Whippet, that was red as well and showed a dark black mask with much pigment around his eyes. I sent this advertisement to him by mail. He answered still friendly and surprisingly with the words: “For your desires I have fullest understanding, I have also my ideal conceptions of a Whippet…” After I had finished my studies in 1971, I drove to the Rhine, in order to regard the puppies in the Kennel. A merry dog pack greeted me barking already at the entrance. The breeder had also an impressing kennel plant, which I can remember well. The Whippets were accommodated in new, clean dog houses, whereby each little house was heated and cleanly as well as comfortably furnished. The dogs lay on increased timber floorings, therefore Mr. Drake explained to me: “Whippets are sensitive to the ground and cold weather.” Thereby he was right as I could determine later. Then he showed me the D-Litter first. I should take a deer-brown puppy from him after his recommendation. But then I discovered the E-Litter, in which all dogs had the same colour - red with a strongly black mask. I fell in love immediately. Exactly the same type my Whippet should look. That was it, my dream colour! But it needed still some art of persuasion, until Mr. Drake was ready to finally give me a puppy from this “Running Litter”. But I had luck finally: I was allowed to select between the two dogs “Elko and Enno”. I took the Whippet, which had a small, white mark that showed the number 1 on his chest - that was my beloved Ricky, Enno of Salhof Reida, always my Number One. I regarded this mark as a good Omen.

At this time Mrs. Drake bred Chihuahuas, a dog race, I learned to know 36 years before in this Kennel. If I see today such doggies, I think of Mrs. Drakes Chihuahuas, which were so small that one had to look twice and to take care when moving. Everybody can agree, the impressions, which one transacts in the Youth, are the most effective ones!

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