My Sighthounds ... and Me

Exhibition and Bicycle Riding

Here I give an example of an evaluation with the note “Excellent” of my Sloughi-dog “Cido Bo-Ammar”:

“17 months old, sandy-coloured male with a black mask, completely shears dentures, very noble, delicate head, with dark brown eyes. Correct ear attitude and beginning, noble neck, excellent under and upper line, correct format, correct thorax with correct rib curvature, standard-fair bending, in the entire seeming a very noble, delicate male, movement in all parts correct; reserved nature.”

Value note: V2 ResCAC

After I had visited successfully some exhibitions with my Sloughi and had known, that I possessed an “excellently” beautiful dog, I stayed away for some other reasons from further meetings; because as an employed mother and housewife little space was only remaining, so I couldn't enter intensively more time into exhibitions or running events. But I actually did not miss anything; because it was certain for me, that my Shari was the “most beautiful and fastest dog of the world”! In addition we did not need further confirmation. Likewise my Sighthound had his daily free running in the area, so I could calm my conscience without attending any more competitions.

Sharis great love however was running at the bicycle. My man held him at a long lead and the dog trotted beside the bike. Every time Shari behaved always extremely disciplined at the bicycle. He looked back every few meters, because he wanted to make sure whether I still followed him. Over so much attachment I felt very much touched; because I regarded this behaviour as an indication of a strong connection between my dog and me.

With twelve years Shari still ran long distances at the bike, so we hoped to keep him for many more years, but unfortunately this changed very suddenly ...

If you want to experience something more about this marvelous Sloughi dog “Shari”, then you should read my book “A Life with Sighthounds - and other animals“. This book appeared under “Canissimo” in July 2005 in the Kynos Publishing House.

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