My Sighthounds ... and Me

The Breeder “Emil Reinisch”
and his Sloughi-Kennel “Bo-Ammar”

Excerpt from the Publication in “Sloughi World”, eZine for all Sloughi friends, Edition 3

Emil Reinisch held his Sloughis in an asphalted yard of a German town. Although this place of residence was certainly not optimal for such dogs that need a lot of running every day, Emil always cares for his dogs affectionately and he loved them a lot. He was an animal-breeder from passion. When I visited him in 1983 for the first time, in order to regard the puppies from the C-Litter, he “only” bred special pigeon races, canaries and also Sloughis. However he was still a member in the pigeon and poultry breeding association as well as in the football and fishing rod sport association. Numerous cups, lined up in a shelf, were trophies from the canary and Sloughi breed.

I did like Emil, because there was nothing that Emil could not procure or organize! He was for me an “original person” in the positive sense.

Gladly I think back of some “adventures” and of his humorous remarks, when we together sold an enormous amount of grill-sausages on a large show in Gelsenkirchen with a pouring rain under sun screens.

Emil knew to enjoy his life in full courses, therefore he travelled gladly and drove e.g. each year to the salmon catch to Ireland. Then he left back his dogs to his wife, because he knew, she would supply them well in the meantime.

When he had to stay for a cure in Bad Nauheim, he brought back home two young Sloughis from his journey. He had been deeply impressed and also inspired of the beauty of this dog race. This was the bitch “Alia bel Kassem” and the dog “Adnan bel Kassem” (from the Tunesian Import-Bitch “Talit” after the MCh Basshar Ben Burd van Klein Vossenburg). CH. Alia is to be regarded as the foundation bitch of the Bo-Ammar-Kennel.

From 1978 to 1993 seven litters fell in the Bo-Ammar Kennel (from A to G). CH. Alia bel Kassem was mated with the legendary Tunesian Import-dog MCh “Bedui”. Emil kept two puppies, a dog and a bitch from the A-Litter: Ameer and Abeer Bo-Ammar. Emil's favourite Bitch was “Abeer Bo-Ammar”. Later Emil was particularly successful with this bitch in the exhibition ring. So Abeer became the International, German and Belgian Championship.

The pack had already risen to a considerable number, when MCh. “Abeer” was mated to “Midrah Schuru esch Schams” (out of CH. Chauda S.e.S. after CH. Aschkurak S.e.S.). On the 3 rd of April 1983 the C-Litter was born. Eleven sandy-coloured puppies saw the light of day. At this time I became acquainted with Emil and his Sloughis by a puppy announcement in the federation magazine of “Our Sighthounds”. The phrase “who has the choice, has the agony”, hit me awfully with that quantity of Sloughi puppies. They were constantly crawling around in such a disorder that confused me always, which I liked best! So I couldn't make my choice.

Every week I visited the Reinisch Family, looked at the puppies and to Emil's displeasure I had another favourite each time. After ten weeks Emil meant impatiently: “Now it is time for you to decide which one you want!” After some time I decided for a dog with a very dark mask and a so-called “eel-painted” line that was running over his neck and back. Paws and claws showed a lot of black pigments, that the doggy looked, as if it has dipped into soot. Also a clear “M” was to be seen on his chest as initial letter for my name. I considered this as a good omen and thus he was - my Shari - and a wonderful love-story began!

Emil always gave a good place the priority for his dogs. So he often reset own interests of breeding-goals. As far as I know he always proved a good view with the selection of his puppy-buyers.

In my residence Emil was busy as a butcher-master. I learned him to know as a helpful and reliable person, who still brought me meat and innards for many years, also after his retirement, which I froze in small portions later on to have a ready packed dog-food. My neighbours already knew Emil's old van very well, which parked every eight weeks in the early morning in front of our door. The view in his car, particularly on the loading area, was a sudden shock for each curious person; because mountains of “naked” meat-pieces in all variations were piled up, which Emil had to transport and were served for the sausage production. In the meantime I do not like to eat sausages anymore. Surely the sight of the enormous meat mountains in the back of Emil's car was also a reason for it! By these dog-food ”transactions” we often used the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee in the kitchen before my school service began, and we had of course some chats about “animal breeding”: And by these discussions and cups of coffee, I experienced something over Emil's new plans in the Sloughi breed. Also Emil always knew to report a lot of interesting happenings that he had experienced on his journeys. He was not a superficial human at all and made himself thoughts about everything.

From Emil I personally learned to know, that he always carefully considered the matings after the breeding goal “beauty and performance”. He was an aesthete through and through, and he also had a safe “view” for unusually beautiful stud dogs. In principle Emil rejected incest matings with animals however. So his dogs were the result of different blood lines. Emil wanted to create his own Sloughi type:

An elegant Sloughi with a loving nature and a beautiful, expressive head.

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