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Some words about my Saluki's descent

Mascha' s Djinn Mumtachir-ar-rih
(from the DWZRV Magazine “Unsere Windhunde”, 1990, edition 11, p. 7)

Now I will first have a look into my Saluki's pedigree.

Looking into my Saluki's pedigree and going 6 generations back, I could find some welknown names of old German (and also English) breeding-lines on the maternal side:

First there is e.g. “Beryll el Schahin” of Martha Astfalck-Vietz: This stud-dog was mated to “Mazuri Hama” and stands for the old German line with his Sire “Dschanschal von Sonnenheim” and his Dam “Ramona von Arabien”. On the maternal side there is the bitch “Mazuri Hama” (*1951) with her Sire “Knightellington Vanguard” and her Dam “Mazuri Nebrendha”. Going back further five generations and being now in the “early twentieth” of the 20 th Century, I can read names as Mirza el Saluk, Suleika vom Gildehof, Binte-el-Nablous, Sarona Muzbat, Sarona Dhurra, Sarona Gulab, Abu Middain of Ruritania, Hama and Houri of Homs, Amherstia Omara, Windswift Yasmin, Sabbah the Windswift, Hassan el Bahrain and many others. These names have written Saluki-history!

Mumtachir ar-rih

an old German Saluki Kennel and a very special Saluki Type

But now I want to write something about the history of an old German Saluki-Kennel with the name “Mumtachir ar- rih”:

1966 the Saluki-breeder Marianne Hessing had her first litter under this kennel name, after she had already started with “Sanum” 1961 – the name of her first kennel-name.

One mating is the combination between an East Prussian (von Arabien) and an English blood-line (see before). Martha Astfalck-Vietz got the bitch “Ramona von Arabien” (born 5.6.1944) from Maria Weissweiler during the Second World War from East Prussia, with her she founded the Saluki Kennel “el Schahin”.

1963/64 the grey-grizzle Saluki bitch “Mamnouna” – an import from Iraq to Germany – had been registered into the German Stud Book 21 under page 2. Mamnouna's date of birth should have been the 9.1.1962. Marianne Hessing built up two main lines in her breed with the dog “d'Allah” and the bitch “Mamnouna” - two Import- Salukis from the Iraq of the “Shamar Bedouin Tribes” (see German Stud Book 21, DWZRV, 1965, p. 45):

In September 1970 Marianne Hessing had a litter out of Mamnouna (it was her 2nd) after the stud-dog “Imazar von Klein-Vossenburg”. Imazar had been bred out of the Dutch bitch “Filinda von der Oranje Manege” and after the Persian Import dog “Dzjino”. One year later, on 15 July 1971, there is an other litter out of “Silaija's Betchinayja Mumtachir ar- rih” after the dog “d'Allah”. So the puppies from both litters have had a high portion of “import blood”.

The dog “Mamnouna's Abu el Aslan” was the result of the mating “Mamnouna x Imazar von Klein-Vossenburg”, which was mated to the bitch “d'Allah's Tita” from the parallel-line (Silaija's Betchinayja M.a.r. x d'Allah). With this mating Marianne Hessing “had united” the two blood lines together. The dog “Imazar von Klein-Vossenburg” is to be found on the maternal side in the great-grandparents' generation and in the paternal side in the grandparents' generation as well. On my opinion the Salukis from this mating represent the outstanding achievement of a great Saluki breeder, that Mrs. Hessing had undoubtedly been. A breeder, who almost understood it brilliantly to create her own Saluki type and to co-ordinate dogs with “thoroughbred and outcross blood-lines”:

MCh. Shirin Mumtachir-ar-rih and MCh. Siawush Mumtachir-ar-rih
(Photo from the DWZRV Magazine “Unsere Windhunde”, 1990, edition 11, p. 7)

The S-Litter, which fell on the 4 November 1974 in the kennel “Mumtachir ar-rih”, had brought Salukis with “beauty and high performance”! Consequently nearly all dogs were successful on the racetrack as well as in exhibitions. They were used as foundation-dogs in different breeding-stocks. In the kennel “el Mashhur” it was the dog “MCh Siawush Mumtachir ar- rih”, and in the kennel “el Riad” it was “MCH Smettanka M.a.r.”. In these kennels the stud-dogs “Cesm Safid el Mashhur” (out of Min Ma Sha Shabanu – the grandparents were Marcoleyn Felix and Kohinoor's Rahuma – ) and ”Ch. E'bolon Sharib el Riad" (after Dif's Abduhallah M.a.r.) had their origin.

These two dogs were used as stud-dogs for the D and E-Litter by Dr. Helga Renfordt-Voelkner - the lady-breeder of the Kennel “al-safi” - because both dogs had a great deal of the “Mumtachir ar- rih blood”.

In the meantime the Saluki bitch “Tita's Mamnouna” came to Dr. Renfordt-Voelkner, and this bitch whelped six puppies (2/4) on the 4.7.1985 after “Cesm Safid el Mashhur”. The famous D-Litter was born in the al-safi Kennel! “Tita's Mamnouna” had been bred by the same principles as the S-Litter (see “family similarity”) in the M.a.r. Kennel. So two extremely successful Salukis could have seen the light of day in the al-safi kennel: “Diba and Delsadi al-safi”.

In addition I quote a text passage from “History of the German Saluki Breed” from Mrs. Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben now. This paper was published 1992 in the DWZRV Jubilee-Book “One Hundred years of Sighthounds”, 1892 – 1992:

Marianne Hessing's Salukis were very typey and dry-looking in their appearance. Many of them were grizzle. All possessed an unrestrained running passion, whereby they had been particularly successful in running, to mention are here especially the litter brothers and sisters Siawush, Shirin and Smettanka.

Mascha's Houschang “Mumtachir ar- rih” is still leading the hit list of the fastest Salukis of all times with a speed of 15,47 m/sec. She ran 480 m in 31,01 sec on the 15.7.1979 in Cologne, see “Saluki Rennrangliste 1988”, R. Böhm, UW 3 (1989), p. 6. Apart from the racetrack Siawush and Shirin were also successful in the exhibition ring.

Today the “Hessing Saluki-type”, how it is called by insiders and admirers, is most consistently continued by the al-safi Kennel*) of Dr. Helga Renfordt-Voelkner after the tragic death of Marianne Hessing. Delsadi al-safi S-3 3299 (Cesm Safid el Mashhur S 3022 x Tita's Mamnouna Mumtachir ar-rih S 2-2003) proves most clearest the fact that the enthusiasm for running - paired with high speed – of the “Mumtachir ar-rih” Salukis has been given to the offspring further on. Her father is a son of Siawush Mumtachir-ar-rih. 1989 Delsadi got the titles German National Winner, German Derby-Winner and UICL-Winner ...

(see Hintzenberg-Freisleben, D.: History of the German Saluki-Breed, in: One hundred years of Sighthounds; 1892-1982, Bad Friedrichshall, without a year, page 260).

*) The kennel-community “Renfordt-Brandt“ is existing since 1994

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