My Sighthounds ... and Me

My special Friend “Gorazan”

Gorazan and me - we like each other and are sworn in team. We spend each day with one another and are always looking forward to having our daily long walk in the Sauerland and also in the Rhineland of Germany where we live.

The G-Litter

The G-Litter was bred like the F-Litter - after the Import-dog Ch. Shabgard az Piran:
2 females and 4 males were born. The dam Ch. Eljana al-safi, was a daughter out of MCh. Diba al-safi after Ch. E'Bolon el Riad.

The six puppies of the G-Litter were born on the 9 th May, 1996. My Saluki-dog “Gorazan al-safi” quickly acquired a license to run and made a name himself as a fast and a reliable running-dog on the course.

International racing in Oberhausen 2000

1999 he became the winner of the National Group “North-Rhine/Westphalia” and was the running finalist in many other racings. So he got a lot of trophies and cups.

His litter-sister “Ch. Ghiddi Mamnouna al-safi” won the following titles:

  • VDH Champion
  • German Beauty Champion
  • German Champion for Beauty and Performance
  • German Coursing Champion

My Gorazan is looking like his relatives

The photo left shows my “Gorazan al-safi” in the deep snow of the Sauerland. When I saw this photo for the first time, I meant that I had already seen it before somewhere. I was right, because there was such a photo in the DWZRV magazine “Unsere Windhunde”, edition 11, 1990, on the page 7: It was Bagheera Mumtachir ar-rih LU (a daughter of Tita's Mamnouna Mumtachir ar-rih).

“Bagheera M.a.r.” and “Diba al-safi” (Gorazan' grandmother) are half sisters. The large familiy-similarity are seen in the photos of a Saluki-type that comes to its expression and that has been through-bred and maintained over several generations.

Gorazan al-safi in deep snow

Bagheera M.a.r. LU
Photo: DWZRV-Magazin "UW", 11/1990, S. 7

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